The Great Shacket Sew-Off

Hello everyone!

Before I get started with my first shacket, I wanted to talk a little bit about what The Great Shacked SewOff is and what you  can expect!

I came up with the idea for The great Shacked Sew-off a few months ago. I was planning on sewing up a few jackets for the fall as staples in my fall wardrobe. As I started mentally planning my shacket sews, I found myself looking through numerous different patterns from many different companies. How was I supposed to decide which patterns were the best and what made a pattern better than the next??

So I started thinking, "what if I sew up as many different shacket patterns as I can and share my thoughts with everyone else?" 


So here I am! I have compiled a list of numerous shacket patterns from different designers. I am going to sew up each pattern and as I do, I will make notes on the pattern. Once I have completed the entire garment, I will write up an entire blog post on the specific pattern. I will include information about the pattern, including fabric requirements, different options available, price, formats available, and many other details! 

I will also include the measurements used, size and style made, and fabric/ notions used! I will then write up my experience with the pattern. I will share the parts I loved and the parts that I didn't love! I will also share my thoughts on the finished garment and fit.

Once I have completed all the shacket patterns on my list, I will compile all the information and share my favorite patterns! Not a single one of these is sponsored and all self-funded , so I will share my true thoughts and opinions on each pattern!

* I will include affiliate links to patterns, fabrics, and notions I love if I have them. These cost you nothing to use, but help to fund this fun little project of mine!

Thank you for joining me in The Great Shacked Sew-Off! I can't wait to get sewing and share my thoughts with you!

If you know of a pattern you would like me to include in The Great Shacked Sew-Off, please let me know the pattern name and designer and I will do my best to include it!

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